Terms & Conditions.

[1] The Cyclo-ssage Therapy System and Table will for the purpose of this agreement be referred to as

“the Product.”

[2] This agreement is made between the Customer hereinafter called “the Customer” and Cyclo-ssage Ltd hereinafter called “the Company”.

Statement of Intent.

I am genuinely looking for a method of ongoing relief from symptoms caused by a chronic condition/s that does not rely entirely upon medication, furthermore, that if during the 7 day free trial the Product gives and continues to give the relief that I/we are looking for, it is a product that is affordable to me or would be prepared to make affordable and that under those circumstances, would purchase.

The customer agrees….

[1] To pay a refundable security deposit of £750.00 by credit/debit card or by bank transfer before the goods are delivered to their address.

[2] To inform the company by phone when delivery of the product has taken place.

[3] To use the product for a 20-minute period twice a day for seven consecutive days.

[4] To receive daily user advice from the Company via a convenient pre agreed manner.

[5] To keep the product in the new condition that it was delivered.

[6] To keep all packaging that the product arrives in.

[7] To repack the product in the in the same packaging in case the product is required to be returned to the          Company. [Some tape will be sent with the equipment in order to secure the re-packaging]

The company agrees.

[1] To deliver the product to the credit /debit card holders address free of charge.

[2] To pay for the cost of delivery and insurance to the customers address.

[3] To arrange and pay for the pickup of the product from the Customers address after the 7-day free trial has finished, if required.

[4] To refund in full the £750.00 security deposit once the product has been returned to the Company, in the same condition as it was when sent to the Customer.


[1] The product remains the sole property of the Company at all times, unless and only if the Customer decides to purchase the product by paying an agreed balance.

[2] If the product is returned to the Company after the 7-Day Free Trial it will be inspected for damage.

[3] If there is any damage to the product, then the Company will make a reasonable charge to rectify the damage and this will be taken from the £750.00 security deposit and the remaining balance will be returned to the customer.

[6] Any such damage will be photographed, documented and made available to the Customer before any such retention of the deposit is made.

[7] The product can only be delivered to the address where the card used to pay the security deposit is registered.

[8] If there is any delay caused by the Customer in returning the Product to the Company, the Customer will be charged at £150.00 per-week and this will be deducted from the security deposit.

General Conditions

[1] These conditions represent the entire agreement between the Company and the Customer in relation to the agreement between the Company and the Customer and supersedes any prior agreement; understanding or arrangement, whether oral or in writing.

[2] Both the Company and the Customer acknowledges that in entering into this agreement neither has relied on any representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or implied from anything said or written in negotiations between the Company and the Customer prior to such contract except as expressly stated in these conditions.

[3] These Conditions and the agreement between us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the jurisdiction of England and Wales.


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