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Lynn, Isle of Wight
I got my Cyclo-ssage over 6 years ago and I still use it daily. Just 15 mins on a regular basis seems to keep my fibromyalgia at bay. Occasionally when feeling stiff I use it more often. Friends and family pay to go for massages at beauty parlors whilst I enjoy my cyclo-ssage in the comfort of my own home.

Helen Bloomfield
It is brilliant.... amazing outstanding I will be emailing my sales
rep very soon to say thank you.

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Helen Bloomfield
I went for a long walk Friday and then fishing Sunday and Monday which involved a lot of walking etc.... I have fibromyalgia and come last night I could barely move.... 30 mins on my Cyclo-ssage and I am a new woman.... I love it no pain at all this morning.

Helen Bloomfield
I purchased a Cyclo-ssage at the Malvern Hills show as I was blown away. I went to the show and hired a electric scooter as I am 36 years old and recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia which HAD turned my life upside down. Please note I said HAD..... I came across the Cyclo-ssage stand and the gentleman gave me a treatment followed by another treatment before I went to my hotel on the Friday then 2 treatments Saturday and 1 on the Sunday. I could not believe the difference I felt almost immediately. I slept like a baby for the first time in ages and even managed to walk around some of the show. I am a ex international hammer thrower retired due to injury and then got fibromyalgia recently but due to Cyclo-ssage I am back doing what I love.... coaching athletics and even managed some actual throwing myself. I truly believe this is due to Cyclo-ssage it has given me a life back and is amazing. Thank you especially to Norman who had all the time in the world for me at that show.

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Jennifer Corkery
My Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy unit arrived. I’m so happy I could sing out loud. Still enjoying my Cyclo-ssage and using it an hour per day as part of chronic pain management.

Freda Abbott
It nearly one year I have been using the Cyclo-ssage Massage bed. It really is worth trying, I was amazed how different I felt. Not just eases pain away but really does relax your muscles and makes you have the good factor about yourself. Eased some of my fibro symptoms a treat. Best thing I have ever done in years. Highly recommended.

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Freda Abbott
Still going on the Cyclo-massage bed after a year. Eased some of my fibro symptoms a treat. Best thing I have ever done in years

Freda Abbott
I have just got back from a session on the Cyclo-ssage bed, it was awesome as usual. My sister goes, also my friend, one with knee pain. Which she says as helped her so much, I know by using it regularly it enables her to do far more than before. The other has had a hip replacement a couple of years ago and also neck and shoulder issues. We all say a big thanks to the Cyclo-ssage bed it certainly made three old ladies happy.

Barbara Neal
I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 5 years and first saw and tried the Cyclo-ssage Therapy System at the Ideal Home Exhibition last year. It certainly helped me through the rest of the day but didn't feel I could justify spending so much on something I had used for just 15 minutes. However, I couldn't stop thinking and talking about the experience to my friends and family and finally decided to invest. Trying to set up the massage bed on my own wasn't easy and for a few weeks I thought I had made an expensive mistake. Sean, one of the Cyclo-ssage Team was able to visit and helped me position the bed correctly for my needs. Since then I haven't looked back or regretted my purchase. I try to use the bed for 15 minutes morning and night, sometimes longer if I am having a bad day. I have seen an improvement in my mobility and general energy levels. One of the main benefits is that I have been able to reduce some of my pain management medication. I know the bed isn't a cure but it certainly makes life a lot more bearable. Kind regards, Barbara Neal.

Mrs Rowntree
I bought The Pro Personal Therapy System as I am always looking for ways to help the condition without taking prescribed drugs. I now use the system once or twice a day and it has significantly improved my quality of life. The pain has reduced but the most noticeable difference is how much more energy I have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Helen Oates
I recently purchased the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System and found that after using it a couple of times a day I am much more relaxed and my pain has eased considerably. I can highly recommend this product for fibromyalgia sufferers. My partner John also uses it after gardening, and gets considerable relief for an aching back. My life has so much improved since using this equipment. Thank you Cyclo-ssage.

Kate Louise Bowskill
Hi I have had M.E/Fibro for 21 yrs and have been using my massage bed for a year and a half now. During that time I have come off all pain medication. Was devastated when I found out I couldn't use whilst pregnant but after seeking advice from my GP I am using it again and extremely glad I sought his advice. So I would highly recommend this for pain management to anyone who has similar conditions to mine.

Alison Fromager
Hi, I tried this in one of the shows in Jersey and wanted to know if you have a date when these will be shown again as I am interested in purchasing one. I have FM / Behcets / Dercums and Addison’s Disease and just a trial period this made a huge difference to my pain.
Katherine Ratcliffe
Tried out this system yesterday afternoon at Southport Flower Show. Lay in bed last night wishing I had one to help with pain! Will be going to Chatsworth Country Fair to try it again and hopefully get enough pennies together to buy one.

Katherine Ratcliffe
Hi. I have MS, Fibromyalgia, joint hypermobility, and ME causing bad pelvic pain. I use an electric wheelchair and tri walker. The unit was amazing and gave me such relief from muscular pain for about three hours after just my trail session. The heated shoulder and pelvic areas soothed my nerve and joint discomfort considerably. I also felt rested and revived, which is a wonderful blessing for me. Hence when I woke, as usual, in extreme pain in the night, my first thought was of the Cyclo-ssage. Made me realize how good it had been for me. (Katherine Ratcliffe went on to make a purchase).

Mary Pooley
I purchased a Cyclo-ssage bed at the back-care show in London 2010. I have an extensive spinal fusion for Scoliosis, various dislocating joints and also M.E. (Chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia, all in all a lot of chronic pain in multiple areas and fatigue. The Cyclo-ssage has provided continued relief and comfort since I purchased it and is sometimes the only place I can go for relief. I love that there are no side- effects (like with medications), that it is there at home when- ever I need it and the quality of the product which still looks as good as new over two years on. Thank you Cyclo-ssage!

Rebecca Brooks
And now a few weeks on, I still love my Cyclo-ssage system. I wake up in pain most mornings and I can get on my "buzzy table" as it has become affectionately known, and after a 30 - 45 mins session, I am pain free for hours.

I also find that a 30 min session on the Insomnia setting and I sleep better than I have in years and I don’t need to take sleeping pills anymore.

After this pic was taken at the ideal home exhibition, I was able to walk for another two hours before getting over tired. Such a blessing on a day out I thought might be very tough going. THANK YOU!

Rebecca Brooks
Three months. The impact on my life is great! When I have a bad pain day, a thirty-minute buzz on therapy 4 or 1 works wonders (I do therapy 4 daily in the morning)

Then therapy 9 at bed time and I sleep without sleeping pills. If I wake in the night I can just top up with another 15 mins on therapy 9 and off to sleep again. Thank you!!

Rebecca Brooks
It's now a year since I bought this and it has truly turned my life around. I have been wheelchair free for months. Sure I still have bad days, high pain days etc, such is the nature of fibromyalgia. But it's much easier to deal with now.

Sarah Briggs
I purchased the Cyclo-ssage system when I was visiting the Great Yorkshire Show (GYS).

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nearly 3 years ago after suffering with years of pain and other niggling illnesses which I am now able to connect to Fibromyalgia.

I have spent years having acupuncture and Osteopathic treatments which gave relief for a short while but not for long.

Whilst at the GYS a couple of years ago, I had just said to my husband that I didn’t think I could walk much longer and I needed to sit down to try to relax my muscles when we noticed the Cyclo-ssage stand. I had a quick chat with one of the girls on the stand and she suggested that I try the system for 20 minutes. She asked me to score my pain before I tried it which was 8.5 out of 10, she asked me again at the end of the session and the pain had gone down to 4 out of 10. She explained that in time using the system twice a day for 15-20 minutes I should be pain free after a few weeks. I decided that I would make the investment in the system there and then. I haven’t looked back since, I can say it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I do still get days when I suffer from pain but I just have a little extra time on the system and that sorts me out.

I find that walking for any distance aggravates my fibromyalgia, in fact this year at the GYS, after walking for a few hours I sought out Cyclo-ssage and cheekily asked if I could use the system for 15 minutes. My husband joked “15 minutes on number 4 and she’ll be right as rain”, and in fact he was completely right. It meant that instead of heading home I could spend a few more hours at the show.

Not only had it helped with the pain but it helps with “Fibro fog”, the symptoms of which are; short term memory loss, becoming easily distracted, difficulty carrying on conversations and basically not being able to take anything in. I do still get a little fibro fog but no where near as bad as it was.

It is rare that I recommend anything to anyone else as I think liking something is a personal thing but I cannot recommend Cyclo-ssage highly enough it has changed my life, or rather taken it back to before I got Fibromyalgia.

Samantha Hill

My journey from a healthy, active and strong child to the exhausted, irritable, pain riddled adult I am today.

I’ve always loved all animals, horses in particular. I got my first opportunity to ride at 5 years old at a Waikato Equestrian Centre, since that day I have been completely hooked. I didn’t get to really be around horses or ride until I was 11. My mum put an ad in the newspaper asking if anyone had any ponies that they’d be willing to let my twin sister and I come and ride and learn just how much time and hard work it took to own a pony. I think she was hoping that it would make us realize we didn’t want to have to spend so much time taking care of such a large animal, unfortunately for her it made our horse craze even worse. I started riding a Kaimanawa mare for a couple in Glenbrook that owned a number of Kaimanawas but couldn’t actually ride. I rode that mare until I was 12 and the day I had a horrific fall off of her. She wasn’t the most honest of horses and if she didn’t want to do something she’d buck and rear until she got you off. She did that to me one day in summer, when the ground is as hard as concrete. It wasn’t the first time she’d gotten me off but this time my foot got trapped in the stirrup and I was dragged. That was the first day I’d experienced excruciating back pain and the first time I hadn’t been able to get right back on after a fall. After that incident I stopped riding her and focused my attention on a Kaimanawa gelding that was unbroken. I started sitting on him, standing on him (!) and eventually got the okay to saddle him. Fast forward a few months and he was “broken in”. Due to the fact that I had essentially broken him in and I had zero experience training horses let alone breaking them in, he also had major issues with bucking. He got me off daily, sometimes multiple times a day. My back pain steadily got worse the more I fell.

Eventually I graduated to a bigger pony that wasn’t a previously wild pony but a schoolmaster. He started my love of dressage. He was the sweetest, kindest and honest pony anyone could ever want. After a few years of riding him with no falls my back pain had improved but still hadn’t gone away. I told my mum about my back pain, but she thought it was growing pains and I believed her. I was only young and constantly growing so it made sense. After I graduated from ponies to hacks I got a lovely older grey gelding that was amazing to me, but I had a few falls off him, nothing major but they hurt none the less. When I was 15 I was riding him in preparation for our districts pony club dressage day and I was barely walking on him around the arena and just bawling my eyes out because my back hurt so badly. After that my mum decided we should get it checked out, so we went to the GP and had some x-rays taken. They said my disc spaces in my lumbar spine were reduced and the discs looked angry, which explained the back pain. They said Panadol and Nurofen should take care of it but to come back if it didn’t. After that I occasionally took Panadol but it made me feel really nauseous so I avoided it. I continued to ride and I started work for a Grand Prix dressage rider, I helped take care of the horses and cleaned her tack in exchange for lessons on my horse. I eventually got to have a couple of lessons on her gorgeous level 4 clydie x mare and I got really and truly bit by the dressage bug! While working for her I went for my first MRI and subsequent referral to a Spinal Surgeon due to the results. I got diagnosed with Disc Degeneration Disease, Scoliosis and Schermanns Disease. My lumbar spine looked terrible, the discs were so angry and dehydrated and causing me huge amounts of pain. The surgeon suggested a fusion but I got a second opinion due to me being so young and that’s such a major surgery. I’d already had a number of surgeries but not on my spine. I decided against doing it then. I wanted to wait until I was older in case the pain was temporary. The rider I was working for ended up breeding 2 foals, one clydie x and one warmblood. Both were fillies. The clydie x filly got broken in before the warmblood filly because she was more mature in her body than the warmblood filly. She was broken in and had her first couple of rides with no incident. So when she offered me to have a ride on her one day I was all for it. I was walking her around the arena when a client for a lesson started unloading her horse from her float. The filly blew up. I mean full on rodeo, bucking higher than the 5 foot arena fences. I remember holding on and being okay until she aimed for the fence, I could feel my balance starting to shift and I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer, so I decided to bail instead of being thrown into the arena fence. Both options weren’t ideal but I figured I could at least kind of control how I landed if I was to bail, so I went with that. I landed square on my butt. I couldn’t breathe or move, the pain was incredible. I was seeing colors. After that fall I really started to have major issues with my back and my legs. My pain was constantly at a 10-12 out of 10. I still rode but I didn’t get on any freshly broken horses again after that. I was no longer really sleeping due to the pain and I was limited on what I could achieve in a day because my energy was sapped so quickly from being in that kind of pain constantly.

At 17 I left school and started a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and went to university for the certificate in mechanical engineering before I could start full time engineering. I was 18 when I went back to see the surgeon again, I could barely walk anymore and work was almost impossible. I had barely ridden since I’d started full time work because I couldn’t handle the pain of a full day in a workshop and then riding afterwards. The surgeon recommended the fusion to me again, this time I agreed. I left his office and cried, I was so happy that I would finally be pain free again. A few months later I had the fusion, they did a new technique where they made the incision anteriorly (abdominal incision) and went from the front instead of the back. I also had a new kind of cage that is porcelain with 3 screws and no room for a bone graft from my hip, so a drug called Bone Grow was used instead. Apparently I’d heal faster from this technique. The surgery was a long one, and not smooth sailing. I have a morbid needle phobia (my body thinks I’m going to die when I have to have a needle for anything. Very unpleasant). So no IV for me while I was awake, they put me under and then had great difficulty gaining IV access. I was a premature baby and I had to have cut downs so all of the great IV access spots in most people are non-existent in me. They eventually got 2 IV’s in just in case the first one blew once I was awake. They also put a central line in because my blood pressure was through the roof. They performed a fusion on my L3-L4 and wanted to do another level but my heart wasn’t having it, so they finished and woke me up instead. I had a very rough recovery. I get very sick with anaesthesia. I was vomiting for 3 days straight, with a newly fused spine and an abdominal incision, it was torture. The pain relief made me even sicker, so that was a no go. I was bedridden for the first 48 hours, with the constant vomiting and excruciating pain I really wondered what I’d done. I also noticed that the inside and top of my left thigh was asleep constantly. I thought that’d change once I started walking again. On day 3 I had a physio come around and get me out of bed, she taught me how to safely get out of bed and minimising my pain when doing so. She also had to make sure I could walk, so we started with a walker. When I first went to stand my left leg went out from under me. That continuously happened whenever I would try and stand or walk. Again I thought it would improve with time. The physio then had me walk upstairs before I could leave the hospital, impossible with one leg that I couldn’t lift or weight bear on. I dragged it up those stairs just so I could go home, I HATE hospitals and needed to get out of there. I finally got discharged and could start the healing process so I could get back to work and riding. The next 6 weeks were hell. I couldn’t do many things by myself because of my pain and my leg not working. I had my first x-ray and follow up 6 weeks post op, this is where the surgeon told me that there had been some damage to my L2-L3 root nerve and that’s what was causing the paralysis in my left leg. He said it could get better or it could not. Wasn’t his problem basically.

Over 6 months I started working slowly again but not riding. Eventually I was back on full duties at work and after a month or 2 of struggling daily to keep up with everyone else despite my best efforts; I realized that I was no longer physically capable of doing the job. I left my apprenticeship and had to decide what I was going to do now. I slowly started riding again, nothing much just a sit on a horse here and there. I didn’t have my own horse, but I was still working for the dressage rider. She gave me a lesson on her lovely Level 4 clydie x mare and I really really struggled with my balance and keeping my left leg in the stirrup or still or doing what I asked. That’s when we realized that my new left leg affected the way I rode, badly. Luckily for me she had worked with a Para rider before and knew how to go about being classified. She got me in touch with the classifier and I went and got nationally classified. I really thought I wouldn’t be classed as para, but to my shock I was classified as a grade 4 and I could use compensating aids. From there I started riding with a rubber band on my left stirrup to keep my foot in the stirrup or the stirrup on my foot, however you look at it. Over the years I did my research on para competitions and the Paralympics. I thought my riding career was over when I first rode with my paralysed left thigh, but after watching hours of videos and reading all the information I could get my hands on I realized that although I was officially disabled that I had opportunities that able bodied riders didn’t. I started looking for a horse that I could compete in para competition with, a lovely but hot chestnut gelding named PJ came into my life as a lease horse. He was the first horse I learnt to ride with my disability and compete in para competition with. While learning all of that and coming to grips with it all my pain continued to get worse. I had insomnia, started to abuse alcohol and I was a horrible person to be around because of my moods. My surgeon said he’d done his job and I was no longer his problem, so I got a referral to a Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist. I went for my first visit and he could barely touch my back without me leaping off the table. I couldn’t take pain meds because they made me sick, which made my pain worse from being bent over the toilet and I wouldn’t let him do steroid injections because of my phobia of needles. There really wasn’t anything he could do for me except do myofascial release so I could somewhat function. I was on the sickness benefit for over a year because I couldn’t work due to the pain I was in. I eventually started working again because I couldn’t afford to go to the doctors anymore to maintain my sickness benefit. My pain continued to get worse and worse, spreading to my hips, down my legs, my feet, up my spine, my ribs, my neck and my shoulders. My pain specialist eventually diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. That changed my life. I had a reason as to why I was in agony constantly, but I didn’t know where to go from there because I knew I couldn’t live with that kind of pain for the rest of my life. I tried, osteopathy, chiropractic, physio, hypnotherapy, sports massage and anything else I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. I moved to Florida when I was 22 after getting married to an American. Once there I got a full time job and after 2 months I realized that I could not work full time because of my pain and my chronic debilitating fatigue. I changed to a part time job and from there I learnt that I could definitely never work full time again. After being in the USA for over 2 years I decided to see if the military doctors could do anything to help me with my pain. They sent me for another MRI, realized it was way beyond their scope and sent me to a Neuro Spinal Surgeon. He couldn’t help except do a Rhisotomy but my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

My husband and I then moved back to NZ after he separated from the military. I got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue soon after and I started seeing my pain specialist again because I was miserable. I’d heard from every medical professional that they couldn’t help me, I was depressed and over it. I didn’t know how I would continue to live, let alone ride and work in this kind of pain constantly. Fast forward to Horse of the Year 2017, I had seen some ads for a machine called the Cyclo-ssage and I knew some other para riders that used it. I was in agony from the 8 hour drive to Hastings and sleeping on the floor of my float on an air mattress. I walked into the Cylco-ssage tent on Thursday morning expecting to have a session on the Cyclo-ssage and forget about it, like everything else I’d tried. I met Rory and Gaynor and Rory told me all about the system and got me set up on it for a 15 minute session. Rory asked me my story so I told him about my struggle with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 18, I’m now 25. While on the system I started to feel my muscles relax and felt like I could actually fall asleep, that never happens. My session finished and Rory told me to take a quick walk to see how I felt. I walked out of the tent about 3 metres and then back, very gingerly because I didn’t think it’d work or it would have made my pain worse. I was not expecting what happened, I was almost pain free… For the first time in over 13 years I felt normal. I was standing with my husband and Rory outside the tent and was trying my hardest not to cry because I was completely amazed and the relief I felt was unimaginable to someone who hasn’t dealt with chronic pain before. I finally had hope of living pain free and having a good quality of life. My quality of life before the Cyclo-ssage was crap on a good day. Every single day was a struggle, to get out of bed, to get dressed, to shower, to do anything. On my days where I was having a “Fibro flare” my quality of life was nothing. My flare days really tested my will to live. I walked away from that tent and burst into tears and just bawled my eyes out into my worried husbands shoulder, until he heard me say that my pain was almost gone and I’ve not had that since I was 12. I knew that I needed a Cyclo-ssage in my life and I would do anything to get one. I’m not the kind of person to try something once and be sold, but with this I was. I couldn’t afford a system on a part time vet nurses salary so with the support of my husband I approached my bank, they’ve known me since I was 11 and have been following my journey since. They happily gave me a loan for a Pro-personal Cyclo-ssage and Rory went way above and beyond to let me take one home with me from the show with a small deposit. I can never express how grateful I am to him for that gesture, he literally changed my life. I’ve been the proud owner of my Cyclo-ssage for 55 days and I can honestly say that my pain has never been better. I had a session every day at the Horse of the Year show and it really showed in my riding, I had more energy and more range of motion so I rode much better than I’ve been able to since my surgery. It showed in my results too. For the first time in years I didn’t have to be lifted off of my horse, I got off on my own and could untack him easily. Since the Horse of the Year show and bringing my new best friend home with me I have continued to improve. My quality of life is great! My pain levels are much more manageable and after 3 years of taking sleeping pills to sleep I no longer need them. Work is so much easier too, I don’t dread going into work because at the end of the day I know I can lay on my Cyclo-ssage and all of my pain and aching muscles will be gone. My pain specialist has noticed a huge improvement in me, my attitude and my body. My “Fibro Flares” are no longer unbearable but easily managed, my sleep is better, my mood is improved immensely and facing a life of this is no longer so difficult. I will never go without my system and rarely go a day without a session.

I truly owe my new life and new attitude to Rory, Gaynor and the Pro-Personal Cyclo-ssage.

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