Suffering from a Chronic Condition?
Help to Buy Scheme - On Now - until March 31st

£900 Savings* & Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option


This scheme has been designed for people with chronic medical conditions, to help purchase a Cyclo-ssage Therapy System. Combined with interest-free monthly payments the goal is to ensure our Therapy System is accessible and affordable. PLEASE NOTE - This is a Limited Time Offer.

Trial Discount Savings & VAT Relief (1) combined = £900*

*We have applied a discount that when added to VAT Relief, allows you to purchase a unit for £900 less than the usual retail price with VAT.
Usual Price for a Cyclo-ssage Therapy System including Vat: £3,594

Help to Buy Scheme* with discount and VAT Relief applied: £2,694

  • Trial Discount = £301 – Cyclo-ssage offers a 7-day FREE Trial of the Therapy System in your home. If you decide to purchase the Therapy System after your Free Trial, we will apply a £301 discount to the usual retail price.
    (We want to ensure that you achieve relief from your pain and other secondary symptoms prior to making a purchase.)
  • VAT Relief = £599 – If you suffer from a chronic medical condition, you will also qualify for VAT Relief.
    (We will advise you and supply the Vat Relief declaration form.)

  • 24 Monthly Payments – The Help to Buy Scheme is eligible for a monthly interest-free payment plan of £100 per-month for 24 months with a £294 deposit. (Other plans available - we are happy to find the one that is best suited to you.)

*Discount Offer ends March 31st, 2021.

For more information about the Help to Buy Scheme please CONTACT US and we will be happy to advise you.
(1) Please note: There is no time limit to the VAT Relief as it is always available to qualifying individuals.

Has Chronic Pain become part of your daily life?
The Cyclo-ssage Therapy System can be successfully used for pain management and provides a viable alternative to prescribed medication and the often-resulting side effects.

Cyclo-ssage brings medication-free pain relief into the comfort and convenience of your own home. Regular physical therapy using this System not only relieves pain but can also prevent it from returning.

How will it relieve my pain?
Firstly, choose your preferred relaxed position and when you are comfortable select a combination of non-invasive massage and soothing infrared heat at a level to suit you.
This will effectively stimulate your blood and Lymphatic circulation, improving joint mobility, encouraging healing and muscle relaxation.


How often should I use it?
A 20-minute therapy twice a day will help you to achieve relief from the secondary symptoms of your chronic pain without medication. Simply lie down, relax and enjoy!


Will it relieve my pain?
The expert in the management of your pain is you!
We are so confident that we can help you to manage your pain, that we are pleased to be able to offer you a Free Trial of the Therapy System in your own home for seven days at no cost to you.


What is chronic pain?
Chronic pain is pain that is on-going and usually lasts longer than three months and doesn’t improve with time. This type of pain can continue even after the injury or illness that caused it has healed or gone away. NICE* recommends a non-pharmacological approach to managing chronic pain
[*National Institute for Health & Care Excellence]


Pain isn’t just physical
Chronic pain clearly affects the body, but it also affects emotions, relationships, and the mind.
It can often cause anxiety and depression which, in turn, can make pain worse.

Help to Buy Scheme - £900 Savings* & Interest-Free Monthly Payments - Limited Time Offer

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Trevor Hanson

Back Pain

“This is the only treatment that reduces my pain when I have exhausted my limit on analgesics"

Mike Waters

Degenerative Facet Joint Disease.

"I have not used my walking stick since using the bed, my depression has lifted, my memory improved, I am sleeping better"

Kenneth Allan Arthritis

"I cannot imagine life without it! Many thanks from a grateful customer”

Lynn Fibromyalgia

“I got my Cyclo-ssage over 6 years ago and I still use it daily. Just 15 mins on a regular basis seems to keep my fibromyalgia at bay"

Jane Price


“I work as a staff nurse and lead a busy life that's had been hard to do until purchasing the bed"

Trevor Hanson

Back Pain

"The warmth from the infrared lamps as well as the gentle vibration consistently takes the edge off the pain and allows me some respite"

MS Swindon Therapy Centre

Multiple Sclerosis

“Our Cyclo-ssage is incredible, thank you. Our members love it for pain relief, helping to stimulate circulation and relaxation”

Caroline Crawford

Parkinson’s Disease

“It helps relax any tension at the same time working it’s way into those stiff muscles and joints”

Caroline Warring Lymphatic Issues and Poor Circulation

“It is very popular in the house and we almost need an appointment book for it now - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it”

Mike Waters

Degenerative Facet Joint Disease

"The massage bed is nothing short of miraculous and I am telling everyone about it”

Doreen Davenport Neck and Shoulder Pain

“I use it first thing in the morning and it relieves any stiffness. My husband suffers from arthritis and has a lot of pain in his neck and shoulders and the system helps relieve this pain. It is easy to use, and I think it is absolutely marvellous!”

NOW OFFERING: Free Online Demonstrations


Because of current restrictions we are unable to offer you a home demonstration, so an online demo is the next best thing!
Whether you are considering Hiring, Trialing or Purchasing a Therapy System we can arrange an online personal demonstration for you via WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime.
Although a virtual demonstration cannot replace the real thing, it will answer a lot of your questions and allow you to understand how we can help you.
[By the way - don’t worry about the “tech’y stuff” we can sort all that out for you!]
We will walk you around an actual working Therapy System to give you a much better idea how it works and functions. This will also allow us to discuss your personal needs and explain how we can help you with your particular medical condition. We will explain about the various different massage programs and how infrared heat works in combination with the full body, cycloidal massage system.
We are happy to assist and advise so please GET IN TOUCH and ask about arranging your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, ONLINE DEMONSTRATION


The Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy System contains nine massage units, which each produce a three-dimensional massage action known as Cycloidal Oscillation. Non-percussive and multi directional this soothing action penetrates deep into the muscle tissue with no adverse side effects.
Producing increased muscle activity and dramatically improved localised blood circulation; Cycloidal massage will alleviate the secondary symptoms of many medical conditions and will assist the body to generally work more efficiently.
Cycloidal massage therapy is often the preferred choice of medical practitioners and professionals rather than a percussive type of massage due to its non-aggressive action but also because of its effectiveness in providing on going pain relief medication free.


The Massage Therapy System has two separate infrared heat Zones that contain a total of six infrared heat lenses. Each infrared zone can be simply controlled to target the correct level of infrared heat to relieve the secondary symptoms of your condition in a particular area.
Far infrared is a safe and soothing heat source, which penetrates deep into the soft tissue, dilating blood vessels, relaxing tired and aching muscles.
The bodies’ natural healing process is accelerated and the immune system is also encouraged to work more efficiently resulting in improved health and well-being.

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We can provide you with an online UK demonstration via video services such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype.

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We can arrange for you to experience a Cyclo-ssage treatment in the convenience of your own home.

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If you require further information or if you have any questions we will be happy to help and advise you.

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