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Cyclo-ssage Customer Testimonials

At Cyclo-ssage we are honoured to receive a letter of praise from many customers.

  •     Customers with chronic conditions and symptoms
  •     Customers with joint or muscle pains
  •     Customers who experienced sports injury recovery and training benefits

Body and Soul Ellesmere



"Brilliant….I absolutely love my Cyclo-ssage….it's almost a year since I purchased one from you for my beauty salon….Body & Soul, Ellesmere, Shrophire…and my clients are feeling the benefits from this system every day….fantastic invention….for pain relief!!!


Yeah sure….My clients are feeling relief from Arthritis and Sciatica…and lower back pain too….!!"


Ravinder Nicol



I also bought this system recently and love love love i!! I suffer from fibromyalgia and haven't had a flare up since I got it 2 months ago. It fits right into your routine twice a day I wouldn't be without it now.


Sally Lutherus



I totally agree with you after many years of strong medication for fibromyalgia paracode voltaren tramadol gabapentin just to name a few I know these meds just hide the pain with no long term relief so I was curious when I came across the Cyclo ssage I had to give it a go and now theres no turning back, I have used this for nearly 2 weeks and the results are amazing I am really benefitting from this as I have not taken paracode since I started and am not really feeling the effects of my fibromyalgia (a real blessing) so from chronic pain on a daily basis to pain I barely notice now I highly recommend the Cyclo-ssage system.


Una Johnston

Arthritis of the back for 25 years


Before using the therapy system I had a pain score of 10 out of 10 and couldn’t sleep due to cramps in my legs. I was even starting to be bent over due to the severe pain in my back, restricting my mobility so much that I was unable to do basic household duties. I have suffered with Arthritis in my back for 25 years and the pain has been severe through out the duration of my diagnosis.


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Stephen Poulton

In January 2011 my wife and I were visiting Hopton, Norfolk, re-visiting our old courtship grounds from over 30yrs previous, when we tried out the Cyclo-ssage massage bed and fell in love with it. We bought it straight away and have been using it ever since, primarily to chase away the aches and pains of old age and to just simply relax for short periods each day.

My wife sustained a serious brain infection in January last year, putting her in a coma and on a long pathway to recovery. Following advice received from you at the Ideal Home Show this month, I took the bed into her Care Home and am now using it to help with her treatment program, which is entirely based around physiotherapy. It fits to the shape of her bed and helps enormously with her circulation and muscle toning, so important when laying in a hospital bed for long periods. She smiled when she was using it!

Thank you for such a great product, I am so glad we bought it when we did.

I attach a picture of the bed in action should you wish to use it.

Kind regards,

Stephen Poulton


Mike and Linda Easleigh

Chronic Back Condition

After buying the system a year ago (March 2015) we no longer have to see the chiropractor so often. What a difference it's made to our back problems, we have it conveniently placed in our bedroom hence we use it every day. Best Buy ever!

Linda and Mike Eastleigh


Clare Higgins

Cancer Survivor, Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis

I admit I was offered a free session at Scope Festival and it really did help me. I have osteoarthritis & avascular necrosis in both knees. I'm a cancer survivor on lots of medication. I'd been on my crutches all day, sat down for lunch and the normal thing happened, I seized up and could hardly move so took that time to go for my session. After half an hour I was not only able to stand again but carry on walking round as normal, I was amazed.

Clare Higgins

Trevor Hanson

Chronic Persistant Pain and Joint Issues.

Having purchased my Mk4 Pro at the Ideal Home Exhibition this year I am continuing to use it on a daily basis.
This is the only treatment that reduces my pain when I have exhausted my limit on analgesics.
The warmth from the infrared lamps as well as the gentle vibration consistently take the edge off the pain and allow me some respite. I have lost count of the times that I have fallen asleep during a session, making up for the lost sleep during the night.
I honestly do not know how I would have survived without the Cyclo-ssage system.
I can only highly recommend this system to anyone suffering from chronic persistent pain and issues with joints. Visit one of the locations where the team are demonstrating the system and try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose, but possibly a lot to gain.

Trevor Hanson

Anne Weaver


Just a quick email to say thank you unlike most products yours has done exactly what you told us it would to say that it has made a difference to my life is an understatement in 3 months I have only had 2 separate arthritis flare ups both of which took less than a week to clear. I have ceased taking pain killers I don't need them and although I think a brief description of how to pack the equipment into the bag might not be a bad idea I managed after a couple of attempts.


Anne Weaver

Helen Reeves

Business - Skin care, Health and Wellbeing.

I’m very pleased with my massage couch – Cyclo-ssage especially when I am doing over due working on the computer – it releases my stiff neck immediately. My husband uses it almost daily for his lower back problems. There is an excellent range and variety of programmes.

Pauline Leslie Edney

Aches and Pains With Musculoskeletal Wear and Tear

I have had my cyclo-sage for nearly five years, the best investment I ever made. As a nurse I have lots of aches and pains with musculoskeletal wear and tear, keeps me upright, pain free and working, thank you. I constantly recommend anyone in need to check this out and make a very sensible choice.

Mary Bailey


I am pleased to write in praise of Cyclo-ssage Therapy System. I have suffered with painful legs for 60 years due to hereditary lymphoedema. However, since in 2009 when I discovered the massage bed demonstrated at a Motor Show, reserving at least one hour a day to vibrate my limbs has relieved them of discomfort. The massage also generally awakens the body - and brain! I use programme 9/2.
A wonderful invention, not cheap admittedly, but worth the money. Best wishes to the Management and its team.

Mary Bailey

Tony Thorpe

Hip Replacement and Hernia

Just a line to let you know how my system is improving my health and wellbeing. As you are aware, I had great difficulty in walking before I bought your system due to severe pain. I no longer suffer from such pain and find it easy to walk any distances. In addition my excellent powers of recovery after having first a hernia operation and then a total hip replacement. 3 hours after the hernia op. I walked out of the hospital as though I'd never had an operation and was walking normally. Two weeks after my hip replacement I was walking totally unaided. On both occasions the hospital staff were amazed at my powers of recuperation.
Thanks to you all.

Yours in Health

Tony Thorpe


Helen Bloomfield


I went for a long walk friday and then fishing sunday and monday which involved a lot of walking etc.... i have fibromyalgia and come last night i could barely move.... 30 mins on my Cyclo-ssage and I am a new woman.... i love it no pain at all this morning

David Shore

14 weeks on... The more I use it the better l feel.

Trevor Hanson

Chronic back pain

I purchased my Cyclo massage bed at the Ideal Home Exhibition this year. I was amazed at finding a product that gave relief to years of chronic back pain without side effects. I took it to Mexico with me at the start of May this year and continued with my daily routine.


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Stella Dowding



Due to a last minute change of plan my husband and I attended the Southampton Boat Show in September. While walking through the stands we noticed one displaying massage beds with a list of ailments they could help. After meeting up with our daughter we returned to the stall where, [having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years earlier] I qualified for a free treatment. Not only did the treatment feel good, I was shown so much kindness throughout. With explanations given not only to myself but also my husband and daughter, we ordered immediately. Delivery was within a few days and since then it has been in regular use. Results are good, my walking has improved a great deal, as have all my movements and my joints are less stiff. I am so glad we met at the boat show and thank you so much.


Gail King

Lower back pain

I have owned one of these for 18 months. I have Arthritis and muscle pain in lower back. I would recommend one of these. An hour a day keeps me more flexible and relieves the pain.


Rodney Hobbs


The value of the relief they can bring greatly exceeds the cost! I have one in my clinic so I speak from experience.


Denise Moreton

Chronic Back Condition


I am very pleased with my Cyclo-ssage and my back has been much better since I have been using it on a daily basis. I would say my back pain is more than 50% improved which means that am now able to do things that I haven't been able to do for a very long time. I am able to tolerate my 12 hour shifts now which I had reduced to 8 hour shifts before mainly due to the level of back pain I was previously experiencing. Cyclo-ssage has had a very positive effect on my health and wellbeing and other family members find it of great benefit to them also. I certainly think it was a very worthwhile purchase for me personally and cannot recommend cyclo-ssage therapy enough to those who live with chronic pain.

Helen Bloomfield



I purchased a Cyclo-ssage at the Malvern Hills show as I was blown away. I went to the show and hired a electric scooter as i am 36 years old and recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which HAD turned my life upside down. Please note I said HAD ..... I came across the Cyclo-ssage stand and the gentleman gave me a treatment followed by another treatment before I went to my hotel on the Friday then 2 treatments Saturday and 1 on the Sunday. I could not believe the difference I felt almost immediately. I slept like a baby for the first time in ages and even managed to walk around some of the show. I am a ex international hammer thrower retired due to injury and then got fibromyalgia recently but due to Cyclo-ssage I am back doing what I love.... coaching athletics and even managed some actual throwing myself. I truly believe this is due to Cyclo-ssage it has given me a life back and is amazing. Thank you especially to Norman who had all the time in the world for me at that show.

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Susan Shand

MS Sufferer

I have MS. After that brief treatment I had less pain in my hips and knee than I've had for ages. I took a short walk with your rep, Kevin, and walked further and more easily than I have in weeks. This morning I put a load of washing in the machine and managed to stand up again without my knees locking and me having to shout for someone to stand me up! I feel more supple and I also had a bit more feeling in my fingers after the treatment. If that's what it does after 15 minutes I can't wait to see what it does for me after a few weeks. It's such a relaxing therapy and when the massage is finished you feel this wave going through your body, it's fab.

Ok, I know it's early days yet but I've had only five treatments on my equipment and I have woken up this morning with no back pain what so ever for the first time in years!


Angela Ramsey Clement

Back Condition - Disc Degeneration


I suffer from disc degeneration and have been told to live with the condition as there is nothing they can do except give me antiinflammatories and painkillers to take daily. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic liver disease so can no longer have anti inflammatories- since then I am in serious chronic pain especially night and morning- I have been using my Cyclo-ssage for 2 weeks and even though I thought it too early to write a review properly I can honestly say it is helping me with my pain- it has not taken away the condition and I don’t expect it too but it is definitely less aggravated - I will keep you updated!

Secondly – because my husband has been asking if it’s helped me he is now using it him self and also found a benefit to him.


Freda Abbott


It nearly one year I have been using the Cyclo-ssage Massage bed. It really is worth trying, I was amazed how different I felt. Not just eases pain away but really does relax your muscles and makes you have the good factor about yourself. Eased some of my fibro symptoms a treat. Best thing I have ever done in years. Highly recommended.

Katherine Ratcliffe

Tried out this system yesterday afternoon at Southport Flower Show. Lay in bed last night wishing I had one to help with pain!


Will be going to Chatsworth Country Fair to try it again and hopefully get enough pennies together to buy one.


Xanta Da Costa Maia

Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue

I have had chronic pain for almost four years and I also have a clubbed foot. I have not tried anything else like this because they did not seem like it would work. My mum saw the banners at Cowes week saying the Cyclo-ssage could work for chronic fatigue which is close to what I have so I tried it and it made a big difference to my circulation and my back as well.
Thank you very much for helping my mum buy one at Cowes week. You were really kind and really nice!


David Steel

Chronic Back Pain

I have had my system for 11 months and yes I use it for back pain and general wellbeing. Haven’t needed to visit my Chiropractor for months.
The best thing I have bought in years!


Sandra Munro

I wish I had heard of the Cyclo-ssage system a lot sooner. I have now placed an order after trying it out at the Highland Show and I am now hoping to be able to gradually come off the medication.


Helen Bloomfield


It is brilliant.... amazing outstanding I will be emailing my sales rep very soon to say thank you.


Karen Varney

Chronic BackPain

Hi there. Just to let you know the in laws are having great benefits from the Cyclo-ssage.  They had it delivered last Wednesday and feeling the benefits already from using it.


Jennifer Corkery


My Cyclo-ssage Massage Therapy unit arrived. I’m so happy I could sing out loud.

Still enjoying my Cyclo-ssage and using it an hour per day as part of chronic pain management.

Suzie Dennett

Chronic Back Pain

First treatment done, fantastic!!!! Customer service is awesome too!!


Update day one….in last 24 hrs I’ve had three treatments and NO pain killers!!!!  Woke this morning with niggly pains in my lower back, used Programme 2 and feel good!! Have my pain killers with me for the day but fingers crossed I won’t need them.

Denise Moreton

Chronic Back Pain

I tried this system out a while back at a show at the NEC Birmingham and couldnt believe how much better my back pain was. (I have long-standing chronic back pain) I was able to walk around the NEC pain free and feeling so relaxed for several hours afterwards.


Joyce Jeffery Reynolds

Hip pain

It was good to meet you all again at The Ideal Home Show and to let you know how much your massage system has helped my husband.

We bought the system in September 2013 at The Home Improvement Show at Olympia. My husband broke his hip in June and, although having physiotherapy, he was in a great deal of pain and having trouble walking any distance.

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David Steel

Degeneration of the Lumbar and Cervical spine

As I have now owned my cyclo-ssage system for slightly over 6 months, I thought I should drop you a line to let you know how happy I am with it. I suffer from degeneration of the Lumbar and Cervical spine and prior to buying the system was visiting a Chiropractor about once every two weeks (sometimes more often, depending on the severity of my pain). However, since purchasing the system, I have suffered much less and have visited a Chiropractor only once!

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Selina Ramsey from Ilford Essex

I purchased the system at the Ideal Home Exhibition March 2013. I suffer with lower back pain and have done so for quite a few years.  I am a hairdresser so standing all day does not make it any better as the pain is repetitive.  After my session on the system I felt almost instant relief which lasted up to four days after. My husband kept asking me everyday how I felt and was impressed with how I felt. So I know that I had made the right decision purchasing the Cyclo-ssage system.

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Mrs Barbara Neal from Letchworth

Who has suffered with Fibromyalgia for 5 years.

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 5 years and first saw and tried the Cyclo-ssage Therapy System at the Ideal Home Exhibition last year.  It certainly helped me through the rest of the day but didn't feel I could justify spending so much on something I had used for just 15 minutes.  However, I couldn't stop thinking and talking about the experience to my friends and family and finally decided to invest.

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Mr Phil Heaton FRCS Tr&Orth, PhD

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Pilgrim Hospital Lincolnshire

I have been asked by the Directors of Cyclo-ssage to comment on my experience regarding the benefits to be gained by both my NHS and Private-patients using the Pro Personal Therapy System (PPTS).

Firstly, I would like to explain that prior to the purchase and subsequent use of the 3 PPTS's, I was heavily involved in numerous literature studies during my PhD degree at the University of Portsmouth, assessing the effectiveness of vibro thermometric therapy for patients with chronic debilitating disease. The reviews and studies were unanimously in favour of vibro thermometric therapy positively contributing to a successful outcome, particularly for the non-surgical treatment of chronic debilitating diseased patients.

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Aaron Davidson [Posted on Facebook 27/7/12]

Explore Multi Sensory Room, Little Hulton, Manchester

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Cyclo-ssage. We have one of your beds at Explore MSR, which is going great. We advertised it briefly and started getting people coming in just to use it. Absolutely everyone who has used it has really felt the benefits and have returned time and time again. We're planning on getting it out into the community doing mobile sessions soon. Big shout out to Mark who has been fantastic in coming down and showing us the possibilities. Looking forward to him coming down and holding an open day.

Cath Vaughan

Just a short message to thank you for selling us a cyclo-ssage bed at the Royal Highland Show.

You may remember me?  I was the troubled female Postie, struggling to stay in my job.  My back, after many years sterling service, was trying to tell me it had had enough!  I have worked for Royal Mail for 20 years and never in my life had I been troubled by back problems, but in April this year I started to become aware of difficulties with back pain and loss of mobility.  The situation deteriorated rapidly and I was soon struggling to keep on working.  NHS was less than helpful so my work arranged for me to see a private physio as I was keen not to go off sick.  The physio was good but couldn't prevent the muscular spasms that by now were locking up my back muscles, in my bodies own attempts to support my spine.  A 2 week holiday from work didn't help, neither did the Diazepan that the doctor prescribed.  By now I was quite depressed, as not only was I not getting better, but the situation kept getting worse.  I only normally take medication for any ailment under duress, but by now I was taking ibuprofen wholesale, just to keep functioning.  And then we met you at the Highland Show.

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Cath Vaughan from Scotland

Suffering with back pain and loss of mobility

You may remember me?  I was the troubled female Postie, struggling to stay in my job.  My back, after many years sterling service, was trying to tell me it had had enough!  I have worked for Royal Mail for 20 years and never in my life had I been troubled by back problems, but in April this year I started to become aware of difficulties with back pain and loss of mobility.  The situation deteriorated rapidly and I was soon struggling to keep on working.  NHS was less than helpful so my work arranged for me to see a private physio as I was keen not to go off sick.  The physio was good but couldn't prevent the muscular spasms that by now were locking up my back muscles, in my bodies own attempts to support my spine.  A 2 week holiday from work didn't help, neither did the Diazepan that the doctor prescribed.  By now I was quite depressed, as not only was I not getting better, but the situation kept getting worse.  I only normally take medication for any ailment under duress, but by now I was taking ibuprofen wholesale, just to keep functioning.  And then we met you at the Highland Show.

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Gail King

I am on mine now for an hour. Then let the day begin. Another one before bed, then a nice sleep. Same again tomorrow, everyday actually when I can. Two years I have had mine, who said money can't buy happiness. Wouldn't be without mine for pain relief.


Mary Black [Posted on Facebook 18/11/12]

Suffering from M.E. Scoliosis, and Fibromyalgia

I purchased a Cyclo-ssage bed at the back-care show in London 2010. I have an extensive spinal fusion and Scoliosis, various dislocating joints and also M.E. (Chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. All in all, I have a lot of chronic pain in multiple areas and fatigue. The Cyclo-ssage has provided continued relief and comfort since I purchased it and is sometimes the only place I can go for relief. I love that there are no side-effects (like with medications), that it is there at home when-ever I need it and the quality of the product which still looks as good as new over two years on. Thank you Cyclo-ssage!

Jane Price From Merthyr Tydfil South Wales

Suffering from M.E. and Chronic Fatigue

I bought a System in July at the royal welsh show while visiting for the day from Merthyr Tydfil. 
 I suffer from M.E. and Chronic fatigue syndrome so having the system has completely changed my life. 
I work as a staff nurse and lead a busy life that's had been hard to do until purchasing the System. All the aches and pains ease along with the energy and fogginess has gone providing I use it as recommended twice a day everyday. If I don't boy do I notice the difference.

Mr Jenner from Rhos on sea, North Wales.

Suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy in both legs

I am a changed man! After a number of months of accelerating pain, I was tentatively diagnosed as having peripheral neuropathy in both my legs and feet. Unsteadiness was also a problem, resulting in the constant use of a walking stick. My legs alternatively felt as if they were on fire or icy-cold, and I could get no relief in the day, with sleepless nights following. Despite the efforts of my excellent GP, little effective relief could be offered except a worrying increase in dosages of Gabapentine from an initial 300mg daily to 2100mg daily. Not least of the side effects were very unwelcome nightmares. Swapping to an alternative drug, Pregabaline, brought a solution no nearer. A consultant-ordered Doppler test and MRI-scan still left the pain. Walking upstairs became harder and I had reached the point where I was unable to leave the house without considerable effort. In effect, I was becoming a recluse.

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R Peters –Smith from Canterbury

Suffering from Degenerative facet joint disease.

I purchased one of your Cyclo-ssage Therapy Systems at Blenheim. I suffer from degenerative facet joint disease. I had Denervation of my entire spine done 10 years ago, which worked well for about 5 years. It has been getting steadily worse since. I had some joints denerved in my lumber spine in April with no improvement. I was getting desperate as the pain was unremitting and life had become a round of ,taking drugs I.e. Tramadol and Gabapentin that helped with the pain but made me a zombie!! I had bilateral sacroiliac injections last Saturday which has given me some relief but my cyclo-ssage has become a lifeline and I am addicted!! The immense relief I get from the infa-red heat and massage is unbelievable. I know it's not a cure but if I can live a reasonable useful life and function as I did 16 years ago it's worth every penny! It's amazing how many friends with bad backs etc call round for a coffee!! I will have to go back for denervation of the sacroiliac joints but with the help of the Cyclo-ssage I am confident of virtual meds free future.Thanks to the team at Blenheim.

R Peters-Smith

Mrs Doig from Bexhill on Sea

Whose husband suffers with Parkinson's disease.

When we spoke last month you asked me to report back to you after my husband had used the massage bed for 3-4 weeks.

I am pleased to say that there has been a definite improvement, mainly in that he is now able to sleep for five or more hours at night, rather than wandering about as before - something which Parkinson patients often suffer from.

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Gina Shiessl from Jersey

Suffering whiplash injury problems

I originally bought the Pro Personal Massage System for my daughter who competes in dressage to help keep her relaxed between classes - or if she has slept in the lorry, however I have actually found that I use it the most! I had a bad accident in December and apart from obvious injuries, I suffered from a whiplash type injury and have since had problems in my back and neck. I was finding that when I put my head forwards I got pins and needles in my hands - however since using the Pro Personal Massage System around 4 times a week I have not had any problems. I find if I have been driving long distances I get neck and shoulder stiffness but after just a 15 minute session on the Pro Personal Massage System it is back to normal.

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Fionna Harrison from Hertfordshire

With lower back pain and sleeping difficulties.

My husband and I were wandering the tradestands and saw the Cyclo-ssage stand so decided to invetsigate further. I am very interested in the benefits of massage having tried various products in the past. Being very active - riding two horses a day - life tends to take it's toll on your body and over the years I have developed joint stiffness and various aches and pains so I have regular sports massages and practice the Alexander Technique, which helps me to use my body more correctly and release tension when it occurs.

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Debra Hall from Chigwell Riding Trust special needs

Results have surpassed all expectations

I am just writing to thank you for introducing me to the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System. Prior to using it on our riders I first used my staff and family as guinea pigs. ... With the help of our physio we hand picked half a dozen riders who we felt would benefit from this system. I can say without a shadow of a doubt it surpassed any expectation I had.

Liz Halliday - International Event rider and racing car driver

Experiencing reduced muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Liz Halliday is an event rider and racing car driver and is reaping the benefits of the Pro Personal Therapy System for herself in both sports.

Preparation outside the cockpit is becoming more and more crucial for racing drivers and the Pro-Personal system can really help, explained Halliday. As soon as I tried it out at one of my events I realised it would be perfect for motorsport. Driving a race car is far more physical and strenuous than most people realize.  The G-forces and demands that the car puts on your body in testing or over a race weekend can be very extreme, and even drivers at the peak of physical fitness can feel the strain that this puts on the body. Since using the Pro Personal Massage System I have felt an incredible difference in how I feel throughout a race weekend.

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Dianne Hughes

Experienced back neck and shoulder pain relief also improved energy levels

I was at a show and feeling quite tired so decided to have a demonstration on the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System – I thought it was brilliant so went back at the end of the day for another trial and then decided to purchase one. Since I have had the system I have used it twice a day, most days and can really feel the benefits.

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Doreen Davenport

Relief from Colitis and Arthritis pain and stiffness

Mrs Davenport noticed a significant improvement in both her own and her husband’s quality of life since using the Pro Personal Therapy System.

I bought the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System for myself and now my husband and the rest of the family use it. I suffer from Colitis and arthritis and I use it first thing in the morning and it relieves any stiffness. My husband suffers from arthritis and has a lot of pain in his neck and shoulders and the system helps relieve this pain. It is easy to use and I think it is absolutely marvellous!

Mrs Graham from Somerset

With severe lower back pain and shooting pains.

Mrs Graham purchased Pro Personal Therapy System out of desperation at the Royal Bath and West Show.

When I saw the product I was in agony with my back and could barely walk. I then had a fifteen minute demonstration and decided to order a Pro Personal Therapy System straight away as I could immediately feel the benefit. I took delivery of the product on Tuesday after the show and have used it for a week so far with fantastic results.

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Janet Barnicoat from Penzance

Has experienced pain relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Janet is now convinced of the benefits she has got from using the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System despite being unsure at the start.

I must apologise for initially being such a sceptic but I cannot thank you enough for coming down to Cornwall to demonstrate and spend time to convince me that it would not just be another product tried and then left in the back of the cupboard if it did not work for me.

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Kenneth Alan from Manchester

Relief from back and hip pain.

I purchased my Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System from your company about two years ago and I would like to express how pleased I am with it. I use it three times each day, morning noon and early evening, it facilitates my movement and the relief from back and hip pain is wonderful. I know that it will not cure my medical condition but it certainly makes my life more comfortable. I cannot imagine life without it! Many thanks from a grateful customer.

Deirdre Corris

Suffering from Adrenoleukodystrophy [ALD]

It manifests in a similar way to MS and one of the symptoms is painful muscle spam in my legs. I have, for years, tried to get relief from various therapies, including traditional massage and drug treatments. Nothing was ever very successful. Because of this, I didn't have very high expectations for the Cyclossage, but have been really delighted with it and am noticably more comfortable. It is a luxury to be independent again and not rely on a tired husband to massage my sore legs. I have informed the ALD support group and my Doctors so that they can pass the good news on to other ALD patients.

Dr Kathryn Lewis GP from Westbury Surgery in Shrewsbury

Achieving pain relief for chronic pain sufferers reducing the need for strong analgesics

Conclusion of the Audit of Patients Using the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System at Westbury Surgery in Shrewsbury.

The use of the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System has been well received by the practices population. It has been used in a variety of medical conditions and has improved pain relief and recovery in acute conditions while reducing the need for strong analgesics. In the chronic pain sufferers it has enabled some to reduce their need for analgesics resulting in a reduction in prescribing costs and in patients reporting side effects.

Read more: Dr Kathryn Lewis GP from Westbury Surgery in Shrewsbury

Caroline Waring from Lancashire

Suffered a broken back and paralyses , now with Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

I broke my back in May and am now paralyzed in my legs. I went to the Grand Designs Live show and saw The Pro Personal Therapy System, had a go and bought one on the spot! Since then it has made such a difference to the way I feel. I used to get stiffness in my back every day - however I use the system for 30 minutes every morning and now do not get any stiffness at all.

Read more: Caroline Waring from Lancashire

Mrs Rowntree - a Fibromyalgia sufferer

Experiencing a better quality of life with reduced pain levels and more energy

I bought The Pro Personal Therapy System as I am always looking for ways to help the condition without taking prescribed drugs. I now use the system once or twice a day and it has significantly improved my quality of life. The pain has reduced but the most noticeable difference is how much more energy I have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

If you have fibromyalgia and would like to take part in our free fibromyalgia therapy trial, click for details.

Helen Oates - another customer with Fibromyalgia

Suffers with all over body pain, chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety

The main symptoms are all over body pain, chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety. I recently purchased the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System and found that after using it a couple of times a day I am much more relaxed and my pain has eased considerably. I can highly recommend this product for fibromyalgia sufferers. My partner John also uses it after gardening, and gets considerable relief for an aching back. My life has so much improved since using this equipment. Thank you Cyclo-ssage.

Mike Waters from Penzance

Who has compressed discs and Degenerative Facet Joint Disease.

After purchasing a Pro Personal Therapy System at the Royal Cornwall Show, Mike Waters has given us an update on his condition...

I have had degenerative facet joint disease for over 10 years, complicated by compressed discs and even a detached one. As a result I have been in an enormous amount of pain despite being prescribed Tramadol, Gabapentin and Naproxen; I have even had two de-nervation treatments where the nerves in my lower back were burnt out. Despite all the medications my condition was still very bad and getting worse, the Doctors signed me up for Morphine and left it to me to decide when I wanted to go on it.

Read more: Mike Waters from Penzance

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