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Cyclo-ssage for Therapists

cyclo-ssage for therapistsThe Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System provides any therapist with a portable solution. Easily carried to clients, or stored in a clinic when not in use, The Pro Personal Therapy System gives therapists an easy to use quality device, providing non-invasive, non-contact massage therapy for clients in a safe and easy to use system.

Sports Therapists

Sports therapists can offer clients a system for both warm-up and wind-down, as well as in between activity recovery sessions, with no physical intervention.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists can offer their clients a gentle warm-up before a massage session, allowing you to spend more time on specific areas requiring attention. After a session, clients can relax for 15 minutes with a specific wind-down programme while you rest or greet your next patient. The system is easily transported in its own carry case, making it ideal for home visits.

Beauty Therapists

The Pro Personal Therapy System can also be used alongside existing therapy and beauty treatments and can be offered to fee-paying clients as an alternative or as an addition to regular treatment. The portability of The Pro Personal Therapy System makes it ideally suited if home or mobile treatments are required.

Long Term Patients and The Elderly

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System offers care of long term patients or the elderly, a non-percussive, gentle massage system for reducing muscle tone loss due to bed rest, and drug-free pain relief for conditions such as arthritis. Since the patients simply lie on the Pro Personal Therapy System and relax, there is no actual manual contact required, making it especially suitable for senior citizens not use to hands-on massage therapy techniques.

For Nursing Staff

There is increasing evidence that cycloid vibration technology stimulates faster recovery rates after surgery or illness, and is part particularly effective for wound healing. Contact us on 0800 169 2808 for more details,
or see our forthcoming Scientific Studies report.

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