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Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System for Sports Professionals

Cyclo-ssage for sports and athleticsThe Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System is an invaluable aid for the professional sports person and dedicated amateur alike. Non-invasive, non-weight bearing and drug-free, the system is fully portable for use as part of your regular training programme or at major events.

The combined therapeutic benefits of cycloid vibration therapy and infrared heat therapy can boost performance and aid recovery at all stages of training.

  • preparatory 15 minute muscles warm-up before activity to avoid muscle strain
  • in between bouts of activity to reduce lactic acid and metabolic waste build-up and speed muscle recovery
  • post training relaxation, preventing stiffening of joints or muscles

Reducing Sports Injury Recovery Times

Any injury, whether a major incident or a minor sprain, will inevitably take you out of training for rest and recuperation. However, the more rest you take for the injury, the more your muscles are losing tone and condition. In addition, you may not be able to take certain painkillers and other drugs if you plan to return to competition quickly.

Use of The Pro Personal Therapy System for sport injury recovery will preserve and promote muscle tone, promote healing by improving blood circulation, stimulate the immune system, and reduce swelling around joints.

Since The Pro Personal Therapy System has a non-percussive, gentle vibrating action, and applies no strain on joints or muscles during use, it can be used regularly to reduce injury recovery rates.

Take It With You Anywhere

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System is fully portable, so it can be taken to sporting events or to training camps, ready for use when you need it most. Since it is perfectly safe and non-invasive, it can be used in between races, games, events or competition rounds to reduce lactic acid build-up, promote energy and prevent build-up of activity-specific stresses.

For more quotes and testimonials from sports professionals, see our Pro Personal Therapy System Client Reviews page. For studies into the benefits of cycloid massage on sports performance, see our forthcoming Scientific Studies report.

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