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Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System: Your Training Partner and Recovery Aid, in One Portable Unit

  • Spending a fortune on sports massages?
  • Struggling to recover after sports injuries?
  • Looking for an effective warm-up solution before exercise?

cyclo-ssage for sports injuries

Your Personal Sports Massage Therapy Solution

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System is ideal for the professional sports person and the enthusiastic amateur alike. Just a 15 minute session will help to avoid muscle strain when used to prepare before activity, and will help to disperse any lactic acid and metabolic waste build up after exercise. This portable system can be set up in your home or gym, or easily transported to sporting events in its carry case.

Reduce Sports Injury Recovery Times

Incurring a sporting injury will undoubtedly affect performance, whether a top class athlete or a weekend rambler. The problem is, the more you rest the injury, the more your muscles are losing their tone and condition, so your return to full fitness takes much longer. In addition, taking large quantities of pain killers or other drugs may affect your subsequent performance.

By using The Pro Personal Therapy System when suffering from a sports injury, your muscles will be stimulated by the cycloid massage action, and blood circulation to the injured area is improved. So, your fitness levels can be maintained, the healing process can be accelerated and return to full fitness will be much quicker.

Portable, Safe, Drug-Free

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System is designed to be fully portable, to travel to sports events with you. So, you can relax down after stages of competition or games when you body needs it most, not just when the final whistle blows.

Unlike many other forms of massage, cycloid vibration therapy is non-percussive, so your body can fully relax during treatment rather than feel every 'jar' or knock. And since you are lying down, fully supported from head to toe on our system, there is no weight-bearing stress on any joints or muscles during the treatment.

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