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Cyclo-ssage: Help with Sleeping Disorders and Sleeplessness

Anyone who has had children understands the profound effect of sleep deprivation on your ability to think and function in everyday life! Insomnia and sleep disorders affect a third of the UK population at some time in their lives, and women are more likely to experience problems sleeping, especially as they get older. 

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

The symptom of insomnia and sleep disorders include:

  • difficulty in falling asleep at night
  • waking during the night
  • waking too early in the morning
  • sleeping for short periods of time only

Cyclo-ssage for sleeping disorders

The result is, feeling tired and irritable during the day, unable to function normally, and dreading the night ahead.

How Cyclo-ssage Can Help You Sleep

Experts agree that worry, stress and anxiety are often the cause of insomnia. Improved management of sleeping disorders can be achieved by selecting an appropriate relaxing program on The Pro Personal Therapy System just before going to bed. The relaxing action of the cycloid massage combined with the therapeutic benefits of the far infrared heat pads enable your muscles to fully relax and release any held-in tension. Best of all, unlike the traditional relaxing warm bath, you don't get wet!

Insomnia and Pain Relief

Illness and chronic conditions producing painful secondary symptoms can cause you to have restless nights and sleep deprivation. For more details on easing pain using The Pro Personal Therapy System, see our Pain Relief page.

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