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Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System: Your Helping Hand on the Road To Recovery

At Cyclo-ssage, we understand that recovering from an illness, injury or surgery can be a long road once you are back at home. Even with the help of professionals and a carefully managed drug program, there are days when you feel you need that little extra help just to get up and get going, or to manage pain.

Using The Pro Personal Therapy System To Aid Recover After Illness

Let us make it clear that The Pro Personal Therapy System cannot actually cure conditions, but medical and scientific studies carried out with the system have proven that the secondary symptoms associated with many varied complaints can be alleviated. In addition, The Pro Personal Therapy System can help with recovery from injury or surgery when movement is initially restricted or limited, such as sports injuries, falls or hip and knee replacement surgery.

The main secondary effects produced by most conditions and illnesses are aches and pains stemming from poor blood circulation, which in turn results in reduced efficiency of the lymphatic system. Reduced lymphatic drainage can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, so this often results in a lack of exercise being taken.  In addition, your muscles lose their condition, so problems are compounded and the healing process is inevitably slowed.


Cyclo-ssage recovery from illness

How Cyclo-Ssage Aids Recovery

The Pro Personal Therapy System is a non-invasive massage system based on cycloid vibration technology. In short, you lie in the most beneficial position, and the system does the hard work, stimulating your muscles with gentle oscillating vibration, and encouraging blood flow through infrared heat therapy zones.

The non-weight-bearing stimulation that The Pro Personal Therapy System achieves, when used regularly, will encourage blood flow and lymphatic activity, and hence will accelerate healing and recovery time.

Use Regularly, Feel Better

As you recover, just a 15 minutes morning full body therapy program will ease aches and pains from the night before and set you up for the day. Many experience a dramatic increase in energy levels, and this can be the catalyst that stimulates you to take more exercise, to help your body heal itself.

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