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Improve Your Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage With Cyclo-ssage

lymphatic-drainageGood blood circulation and a healthy immune system are vital for our health and wellbeing throughout our lives. The lymphatic system carries much of the strain for removing harmful toxins and infections from the body, yet often the only time we notice this hard-working system is if our 'glands are up'!

By enhancing and promoting better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, the Cyclo-ssage Pro Personal Therapy System can reduce recovery times from illness or injury, and boost the immune system to help it fight off future infections. Equally, it can be used to speed up muscle recovery after strenuous exercise, sporting activity or after manual work.

Using The Pro Personal Therapy System to Improve Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic (lymph) system removes metabolic by-products from the body and eliminates infectious organisms. When using the system, this natural on-going process is enhanced, helping to prevent the build up of lactic acid and therefore speeding up recovery time.

Using The Pro Personal Therapy System to Enhance Blood Circulation

The circulation of blood in the body is the core of every person’s health and well-being. Poor circulation can result in cold limb extremities, fatigue and general lack of energy. The Pro Personal Therapy System will enhance both blood circulation and venous return by providing regular and effective stimulation of these vital functions.

Using The Pro Personal Therapy System to Aid Your Immune System

Regular massage during and after an illness will help encourage an active immune system, thus lessening the chances of re-infection and further complications.

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